Red Carpet Face Lift - Lifting & Rejuvenating
Do you ever wonder how the stars look so amazing on the red carpet?  Your skin can look amazing to with our Red Carpet Face Lift.  Not only does this Facial Treatment give you a lift, but it also rejuvenates your skin for a healthy youthful glow.  
This Amazing Treatment is not only effective but very gentle.  It can be done right before a big event for a Fresh and Lifted look or can be done in a series to give your skin an overhaul. These treatments can also help slow and prevent some of the telltale signs of aging!
Our Signature Red Carpet Treatment combines breakthrough technology and advanced serum formulas.  Experience the synergistic combination of Venus Freeze Radiofrequency and Magnetic Pulsed therapy to tighten and rejuvenate the skin and facial tissues followed by and advanced serum infusion mask!
You won't believe how amazing your skin will look after our Signature Red Carpet Facial Treatment!
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