Naperville Microcurrent Face Lift
Beautiful Image Non Invasive Face Lift
Naperville Beautiful Image MicrocurrentThe Beautiful Image Microcurrent Face Lift is an extremely effective anti-aging treatment that can help to sculpt the face without lasers, surgery or invasive procedures.  this Lunch time facelift helps to visibly smooth the skin while lifting and firming the face and neck muscles.   Microcurrent is an advanced technological breakthrough in healing modalities than can help tissue heal and repair faster through subsensory pulses.  These pulses target the skin and 30 different facial muscles to produce amazing results.  The Beautiful Image Microcurrent Face Lift can help you get rehydrated, lifted more firm skin that glows.
Microcurrent Facials are a safe, non-invasive alternative to Botox, Fillers, and more invasive procedures. Microcurrent Facial Treatments yield amazing results that are cumulative and improve with each subsequent facial.  This treatment revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin so incredibly it has earned the nickname "the nonsurgical facelift."
What are the Benefits to Microcurrent Facials?
Microcurrent facials rehydrate and revitalize the skin, making it appear smoother and feel softer. The treatment stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, while reducing circles or puffiness under the eyes. In addition, these revolutionary treatments visibly contour the skin, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce sagging jowls and double chins, and yield a youthful glow. As a result of these treatments, collagen is boosted by up to 15 percent and elastin increases 40 percent.  
How Quickly Will I see Results?
Most clients see some immediate improvement after their first treatment. A series of treatment can literally wipe years from your skin’s appearance, as muscle memory is developed and maintained.
How Many Sessions Are recommended?  
Age, lifestyle, and skin condition influence the number of treatments necessary to yield maximum results. We strongly recommend a series to achieve maximum benefits. Some patients need a series of 15 treatments, while others need only 8 to 10. The standard protocol is one treatment per week throughout the initial recommended series, with periodic sessions to maintain results.
Who is Unable to Have a Microcurrent Facial? 
Pregnant women, those with pacemakers or metal plates (in area of treatment), and individuals suffering from the following conditions should not have microcurrent facials
  • Heart Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Melanoma
  • Phlebitis
What Celebrities Are Saying About Microcurrent Facials!
This revolutionary anti-aging treatment is exploding across North America.  Already mainstream in Europe  and with Hollywood celebrities who have been embracing it for  years due to its remarkable results, all of which are achieved without  invasive methods and are free of pain, injections, downtime, surgery or harmful  side effects.
In fact, more celebrities than ever are publicly confessing to be regular clients of this natural anti-aging treatment. The list includes: Goldie Hawn,  Jamie-Lee Curtis, Mel Gibson,  Liv Tyler, Meryl Streep, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow,  Kelly Ripa, Sandra Bullock, Susan Sarandon, Rene Zellweger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jane Fonda, Kate Winslett, and many more.
      Oprah Says Microcurrent "Takes Ten Years Off Your face in Ten Days"
      Cosmopolitan Says Microcurrent is "The Star Wars of Modern Facials"
Growing Older and Aging is inevitable but looking younger naturally is possible with micro current.
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